Privacy Policy

Privacy notice – External

Director/Responsible Person: Brian Bell

What information do we collect?

BT Bell collect information to aid in the operation of our core business practices. This may include items such as Company name, address and telephone numbers etc. Records of bank account details may also be held in relation to payment of invoices etc. IP addresses may be used to aid in validation of legitimacy of contact submissions etc.

Careers submissions

CVs are received via an account accessible via to the Director. CVs will then be discussed with other staff members as appropriate.

General contact submissions

General contact submissions are received to a collective email folder. This may mean that your email is accessible to all members of permanent staff.
Information collected is used to aid with the day to day functioning of our business.

Cookies / analytics

We use analytical tools and cookies to monitor user traffic to website traffic for analytical purposes.

Social Media Platforms

BT Bell use social media platforms and other associated tools. Please refer to the appropriate privacy policies for these platforms.

Who do we share this information with?

BT Bell do not typically share personal information with third parties. Information such as phone numbers and contact information may be issued to our sub-contractors/sub-consultants for communication purposes. Financial information may be used by accountants on our behalf.


We respect the rights of persons accessing our website and welcome any requests in line with the rights outlined in the GDPR. Guidance for these rights is available via the ICO website.

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