Overview of Project Sectors

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Across the spectrum

We are active in all areas of civil and structural engineering. Our clients come from all backgrounds, be they multinational pharmaceutical companies and expanding manufacturing businesses or local authorities and national infrastructure providers. But they share common aspirations. To see their project completed in a professional manner and to the highest possible standard. And that's why they keep coming to us.


Bridges, ports and rivers.

We have strong relationships with a number of key infrastructure providers. They come to us because they know that we will respond when time is tight and circumstances are pressing. We are good at identifying risks and establishing the necessary steps to remove or mitigate them for our clients. Through dedicated professionalism our engineers solve apparently intractable infrastructure problems quickly and efficiently. Be it marine work, flooding or roads, our engineers are smart thinkers.


Experienced experts.

Our relationships with our industrial clients and partners are key to who we are. This is the arena in which we first made our name and it's where our identity was forged. Today we work with a variety of companies on both a regional and national basis. In an advisory and construction design capacity we provide consultancy services to a wide pool of clients whose interests range from high end robotics to the manufacture of industrial chemicals and everything in between. Our clients are dedicated industrialists. We like to think we are as dedicated to industry as they are.

Heritage and Conservation

Innovation in engineering

Our portfolio of heritage work is diverse and varied. We are regular working partners of a number of good architects and surveyors who like to have us on board when they know a project will be complex. Working under a stringent brief is what we are good at and we are masters at making sure that the engineering remains both honest and sympathetic to the architecture and environment around it. We like to work on the challenging problems that this type of work brings. We believe it leads to innovation. And innovation is what civil and structural engineering is all about.


Taking care of the built environment

We are proud of the residential projects that we work on. From social housing to luxury apartments we like to give each project the same care and attention. We provide civil and structural advice in urban surroundings and rural settings and we work as a key part of the design team to ensure that the brief is met and exceeded. Our ability to design strutures sympathetically is valued - a large proportion of our residential work is repeat business from clients with whom we have longstanding relationships.

Leisure and Commercial

Designers for the modern world

We have wide-ranging experience in the leisure and commercial sector. Our engineers work on large office projects for corporate clients and tenants as well as hotels and projects connected with the arts. We actively seek to work closely with clients and contractors alike to ensure that both expectations and deadlines are met. We are designers for the modern age, seeking to develop engineering solutions that are functional and pragmatic whilst also being aware of our social, economic and environmental duties. In short we embrace, search out and encourage sustainable engineering design.


On time, on budget

We have long-standing contacts within the defence industries. Due to our strutural expertise, clients know that we are able to provide robust, considered solutions for the most challenging of conditions and environments. In fact, it's what we thrive on! When it comes to defence related work our engineers are discreet but remain passionate, committed and focused. From advising on suitable contracts to specifying galvanised steel members, we have the know-how and the skill to achieve quick, cost effective solutions.


Stone, aggregates, cement.

Our quarrying credentials are amongst the best. We have worked for many years with blue chip clients in this field and continue to inspect quarry structures as part of a regular programme on behalf of key industry heavyweights. But we also regularly advise on surface water management issues and regulatory compliance. From advice on demolition of quarry structures to wide ranging drainage schemes dealing with settlement of sediment, our quarrying know-how and experience is respected throughout the industry.


Generation, transmission, distribution

Our engineers have experience on power generation and distribution projects throughout the United Kingdom. We've been working in this sector for over a decade and some of our engineer and client relationships go back even further than that. We are comfortable applying our knowledge to all types of power and energy challenges from wind turbines and renewable energy to large scale power stations, electricity substations and gas compressor blocks. Some of our clients in this realm include RWE, Siemens, GE, National Grid, nPower and Rolls Royce Industrial Power Systems.