Ridsdale bunkers

Posted on December 9th, 2015 at 9:00 PM

BAE have a number of blast bunkers on their Ridsdale site. The bunkers are used for the testing of explosive ordnance. The existing bunkers were in poor condition; one was replaced and the other was to be refurbished.
BT Bell provided a review of the condition of the existing bunkers and provided reporting advice. We provided finite element blast analysis, design and detailing of heavy civil engineering works, preparation of contract documentation, obtained competetive tenders for the works and pro. The design was also modelled by our senior technician Colin Gould using 3D software. We also got a fascinating insight into the explosion testing at the sight, as seen in our interesting fact section.
The project was also nominated for the ICE North East Robert Stephenson Award 2013.


Ever wondered what an exploding shell looks like? Check out our pictures taken from the Ridsdale site.