BIM and Software

BT Bell and Bim

The industry that we work in is evolving and maturing. No longer are designs purely done on bits of paper or in AutoCAD... designs and plans are becoming smarter and the industry is moving towards working in a more collaborative manner. BT Bell are heavily invested in being a part of this industry evolution and being at the cutting edge - so we can give our clients the very best on their projects when they need it.


Software plays a big role in both modern engineering and the implementation of Level 2 BIM. At BT Bell we have invested heavily in the latest software to aid our projects. However whilst the latest software is incredibly effective, we also acknowledge the importance of engineering integrity and understanding in our design work when using this software. This ensures that our design outputs are the right ones.


An interactive 3d view from one of our recent projects can be viewed by clicking here for desktop users and here for mobile and tablet users.


Our intentions are reflected by our pursuit of official BIM level 2 accreditation, recently acquiring certification of our progress towards Level 2 accreditation; as shown by Mr BIM himself - Head Technician, Colin Gould. This progress towards certification proves our intent is to be at the forefront of the industry. This desire and intent is also evident in a growing number of our projects being developed using smarter and more integrated software.

BIM enabled projects

BIM enabled projects are becoming more and more common across the industry. At BT Bell our staff increasingly use BIM approaches and 3D modelling when working on projects. The use of these techniques and software shows that we are able to deliver on BIM enabled projects and both advise and then provide what our clients need.